This blog follows our collective lives as the Lord brings us through each season.  I will share candidly about the ups and downs that we experience as well as some of our favorite things to do and projects we have conquered. I'd love to have you along for the ride as long as you understand, I am just a mom who struggles just like you; loves just like you; and messes up, yes, just like you.


Erin (Me) - I am a wife and mother of three beautiful, loving, and einstein-smart kids.  They get it from their dad, trust me.  I have a B.A. in Psychology and recently completed my Paralegal certificate.  In the meantime, I have learned how to knit, crochet, use my cricut machine, fail at sewing, organize our home in the midst of chaos, and meal plan for a month at a time.  Hubs and I work in ministry together part-time and I have a full-time job during the day to pay the bills.  Hubs recently went back to work full-time in the afternoons, so we haven't been able to spend much time together lately.  I love sports (Go Bears!), the beach, scents that bring back memories, playing board games with my boys, and spending precious time with my little girl while nursing - and now that I'm no longer  nursing, we spend time learning and playing together and sometimes she lets me do her hair. 

Hubs - Greg, who is a younger-than-me, practical, black-and-white, super strong sports fanatic is in full-time ministry in our community and is working now as a retail Department Manager full-time.  He logs a ton of hours.  He takes care of our three kids during the day when he doesn't have to work and is an amazing cook who gives in to my indulgences way more than I deserve.

Benjamin ("Benji") - Oldest child, born in February 2008.  He loves to take care of his younger siblings and help us around the house.  He actually gets upset when there's nothing to help us with!  He can already sound out words to spell and does addition and some subtraction - did I mention he's Einstein-like?  He is in love with The Avengers, trains, cars, and dinosaurs and he accepted Jesus into his heart last summer.  Everything is exciting and he can be tickled until he's red in the face even without touching him.  UPDATED 12/12/13: He is reading every sign and word he comes across and is really trying to find his talents.  He would really like to sing and play an instrument but is also interested in sports and tumbling.  One thing at a time, son!  But he is such a fast learner, I don't know how we can really limit him.

Josiah ("Jo", "JoJo", "Batman", or any other silly name he comes up with at the moment) - Middle child, born in September 2010.  He plays the middle child role well most days.  He is critical and can be contrary but he is also the comedian in the family.  He loves to follow his older brother everywhere and is very gentle with his little sister.  Poor boy has dog allergies but takes his medicine like a champ every day!  He started potty-training himself at 26 months and then stopped and picked it back up again.  He has actually been wearing underwear around the house and has very rare accidents.  His mood is very tempermental and he is the pickiest eater in our family.  He loves his monkey and blanket so much that we even give them hugs and kisses at bedtime.  His vocabulary has exploded over the past 6 months.  He can put together full sentences with ease and his facial expressions are HILARIOUS! UPDATED 12/12/13:  He has been trying more and more food without whining.  And even when he finds out he really doesn't like something, he has been so calm.  It's so fun to see him maturing and really branching out because he is such an introvert who likes things to stay the same all the time.  He has a great memory and can quote movie lines.  His favorite right now is from Thor: A Dark World when Dr. Selvig says, "Oh, I'd better get my pants on!"

Calah Joy ("Lala" or "Miss Moo" or "Calah Belle") - Youngest child, born in May 2012, our only daughter.  We can team up against the boys now! She is very relaxed and self-entertaining.  She watches her brothers with an eagle eye and cracks up at them when they smile at her.  She only complains when she's tired or hungry.  She's a great eater and started picking up cheerios at 7 months old and actually getting them to her mouth.  She has been sitting up since 4 months old without tipping over.  She is strong AND smart.  She sleeps without much fuss when she is placed in her crib.  She has VERY sharp teeth that she likes to try out on fingers, arms, anything she can reach, really.  UPDATED 12/12/13: She's been walking since 14 months and can now climb into the car, onto her chair, and even up onto our 3' tall bed.  At her 18 mos checkup, she was measured at 33", 28 lbs.  She can say around 60 words and a few phrases, including "help me please", "no thank you", and she recently learned how to show emotion with her face on command!

Through it all, we are leaning on the Lord for strength and His provision daily.  "Some trust in their war chariots, and some in their horses.  But we trust in the Lord our God.  Such people will stumble and fall but we will rise and stand firm!" - Psalm 20:7-8 NIV

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