Friday, May 3, 2013


Last week, Hubs was out of town for a conference for three days.  I took vacation days so I could stay home with the kids and quickly decided this would be a good time to work on some of the projects that are on our list but we haven't taken the time to finish.  I wanted to surprise him when he got home, so I emailed some of our friends and my dad to let them know my intentions and requested their help.  So, I set up some help for the first day, Wednesday, and figured I could do the rest of it on my own.  I need to take some 'After' pictures before I can post the results, so this is just a teaser for now. ;-)

Here's the list of the things I wanted to work on:
  1. Fix back spigot (the pipe had leaked about four years ago; we stopped the leak but never patched the drywall.  It's been hiding behind our filing cabinet this whole time.  Then, two summers ago, the spigot for the garden hose broke.  Good thing we procrastinated on fixing the drywall, eh? I guess it CAN pay off :)
  2. Patch drywall after fixing spigot
  3. Paint drywall (this hole is in the now-playroom)
  4. Remove the old desk from the playroom this room used to be the dining room/office because we only have two bedrooms and no basement
  5. Remove the filing cabinet from the playroom
  6. Lay down the rest of the foam floor mats in the playroom once the drywall was done
  7. Setup the playroom
    1. Add reading nook
    2. Purge and reorganize
    3. Hang chore chart
    4. Hang cork tiles for artwork to hang
  8. Clean out back entryway and give it a new setup
    1. Add bench with storage (I liked this idea because the kids can sit on the bench when we're about to leave the house while mom and dad are rounding up the last few things.  Normally, we just have them stand at the back door once they're ready.  This is a great way to relieve stress when getting ready to leave the house as well as a great way to ensure they're not making a mess elsewhere, thus making you LESS ready.  With the bench, now they can sit!)
    2. Add shelf with hooks - My goal was to add hooks and a small shelf on which we could decorate and/or put a couple small baskets for things like keys, sunglasses, etc...  I was really concerned that it would become another clutter-magnet in our home, so I had to be intentional.
    3. Move current cubby shelf to the front entryway
    4. Add faux wainscot look - Add 4"-6" vertical strips with a trim piece on top and paint it white.
  9. Create faux wainscot look in bathroom
    1. The same strips as in the back entryway
    2. Add hooks on that same wall for towels
  10. Convert our old closet into a cloffice
    1. Remove all the shelving and junk in the closet
    2. Remove Calah's dresser from the closet
    3. Have some friends haul out our large dresser and armoire from the 90s
    4. Add desk, shelving, internet access in cloffice
    5. Find storage space for items that came out of the closet like our luggage and my wedding dress that won't fit on the top shelf
I think that was the entire list for the three days I had. We have more on our list that will have to get done later.  This was definitely enough considering I still had to study, write several legal documents for an assignment, and take care of the daily stuff like the kids and the house. 

So, I will be posting some photos and project updates over the next couple of weeks.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. WhaT A Huge Project For 3 Days Erin! Kudos To You! What A Great Job!


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