Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Finally figuring out fashion in my 30s...

Or so I think.  Gone are the days when 'jeans and a t-shirt' is considered acceptable leaving-the-house wear.  I'm 31 (-1/2 to be exact).  I am a wife, a mom of three under 5, a full-time office employee, and a ministry leader.  It's time to grow out of my comfort box a little and actually put some effort into my wardrobe.  The hardest thing for me is figuring out how to buy pieces that go together - especially when I don't buy them at the same time or from the same store.  The next hardest thing for me is figuring out what type of shirts/dresses flatter my mom-figure.  Granted, I have lost 45 lbs. since Calah (sounds like Kayla) was born.  I haven't been this weight since college.  I do have another 15 lbs to go before I'm in the 'Normal weight' category BMI-wise.  I also have the aftermath of three c-sections in just over four years.  So, needless to say, shopping and trying on clothes are still struggles for me.  Even with my three-to-four-sizes-smaller body.  My shape is not real defined yet.  When I get my abs back in shape, I'll  be able to wear more waist-defining outfits, but until then, I need to find outfits that form my body but don't accentuate my mommy-tummy.  So, I'm looking for high-waisted dresses, straight or empire-waisted shirts, and belted looks that cinch the smallest part of my waist so I don't look like I'm drowning in my shirt. 

I see so many cutely-dressed girls walking this earth and I try to memorize what they were wearing at the time so that I can somehow translate that to my wardrobe and while I'm shopping for new pieces.  The mindset that I need is OUTFITS.  Not just pieces that I like.  What am I going to wear with this shirt?  Do I need a jacket, a belt, boots or flats?  Do I have any accessory pieces at home already that would look great with it?

And what is with the blatant disregard for matching colors or patterns these days?  Women are seemingly throwing anything together and confidently wearing it out of the house.  I think it's bold, if not a little crazy.  I do enjoy out-of-the-box thoughts when it comes to fashion, but sometimes I just think, wow...that's UGLY and you're a fashion blogger??  But is it just me?  Is it actually cute but my brain can't wrap itself around the idea?  It makes my confidence drop faster than a bad guy being sucked into a black hole in one of those 80's sci-fi movies.  I feel like I know what looks good and then current fashion turns that on its ear.  So, what do I do now??  Run back to the jeans and a t-shirt mode?  Put myself back into the look that prompted one of my oldest and dearest friends to admittedly nominate me for a makeover show??

I won't do it.  NOPE. MM-mm. Ain't happenin' friends.  

So here are some of my tips to combat the feeling of less-than-fashionable:

1. Bring a picture of pieces that you like to the store when you shop. But make sure you have put together an outfit that you would like to replicate so that you can check each item off of your list when you find somehting similar to the picture. 

2. Write a list of different outfits you can make with 10 pieces of clothing and accessories. You might be surprised just how many outfits you can make when you mix-and-match a few items.  This allows you to have fewer items in your closet and possibly even allows you to splurge a little on some nicer items that will last longer.  Fewer clothes also equals fewer loads of laundry to do!

3. Experiment in the dressing room with different colors, patterns, and textures. Get bold and try on a few things together to get an idea of how some of these inspired looks will actually look on you personally.  Mix it up even if you normally wouldn't wear polka dots with stripes normally.  Now's the time to have fun and experiment!

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