Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Time Spent & Commitments

We went to church last week without the kids because they were at my mom's house for the night. It gave us a chance to try out me crutching myself around church without having to worry about picking up the kids or having to manage them. My mother in law loaned us her manual wheelchair, so I tried that out, but my hip brace made it too difficult to use. It was too tight in there.

Our worship director spoke this week and the message hit home with me, making me realize where my time has been spent in recent months.  I realized that with all the time I'm spending on the couch right now, I had plenty of time to start a new devo on So I started the Bible in 90 days plan. I figured that it is a short enough time frame that I could actually complete it before my five-minute attention span runs out. Does anyone else run into this problem? Do you start something only to burn out halfway through?

What's the best way that you have found to combat these vicious circles? I'm on Day 3 of my new Bible plan and I still have about eight chapters left to read for the night, so off I go!

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