Monday, September 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Josiah!

Today is my middle child's birthday.  He will answer to any of the following: Josiah, Jo-Jo, Jo-boy, Joboji, Boo, or Batman. 

He is three years old.  I feel like he's been two years old for-eh-ver!  In the past year, he has grown so much in so many ways, as one would expect at this age.    He has gone from loving Cars and Thomas the Tank Engine to all things superhero over the past year. 

He also has a range of emotions and they swing at the drop of a vegetable on his plate.  Admittedly, we had it EASY with our first child.  We got spoiled with a compliant, smart, eat-anything-you-put-on-his-plate son the first time around.  So, we naively thought the second one would be the same way, at least in general behavior/level of willingness.

Were we ever wrong.  Ever since he was a newborn, Jo was a bit more unsettled.  Poor thing had eczema pretty badly on his face and it just got worse because he kept rubbing it.  So, we put barrier creams on it and then he had a sheen to him.  He always looked greasy with that stuff on it.  Thankfully, he grew out of it by the time he turned a year old. 

When we were at our cousin's kid's birthday party when Jo was about 15 months old, he started refusing to eat a piece of chicken that I was feeding him.  And not just the typical toddler hunger swings; he threw a FIT.  That day marked the on-going battle that was to come for the next two years.  At three, he reacts a lot better to food he doesn't like, but he still won't eat it.  But, he doesn't throw himself on the floor while ugly crying and drooling everywhere anymore.  I count that as a major victory!  He knows the choice to not eat his food means he doesn't get to have any snack or treat the family has later.  He even stops and asks, "What are we having for dessert?" to help him weigh his decision sometimes.  Hilarious.

Speaking of, ever since he could talk, Jo has been the comedian in the family.  Not the show-off type, but he cracks jokes - and original ones - all the time.  Hubs and I often look at each other like, how did he think that up??

A few months after he turned two, his vocabulary EXPLODED!  He was saying four-to-five word sentences all of the sudden.  And he has been at home with Hubs and big brother just about his entire life, so he has just picked it up from individual conversations and hearing others talking as opposed to being taught to try a lot of words like I did with Benji.

Around Christmas, last year, he started potty training at 27ish months old.  I say, he started, because we weren't even thinking about potty training at that point but he was apparently ready and did it all himself.  He blasted right through that process and he was in underwear during the day full time for a few months.  Then, in June or July, he regressed and it was very frustrating.  But for the past month or so, we got back on track and he's actually in underwear even overnight now!  He has only had a few accidents and we are very proud of him.  He gets pretty upset about the accidents though, so we just try to encourage him that he has done such a great job and we are not upset at all. 

Overall, he has tested our patience like no other at this age, but he is one of the most loving and sweet and silly kids I've ever met.  He follows Benji around everywhere and he protects and loves on Calah every day.

Happy Birthday Boo!  Mom & Dad love you very much and are very thankful for you.  You keep us on our toes :)

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