Thursday, September 5, 2013

Surgery Recovery Update

I had FAI surgery seven weeks ago and started physical therapy (PT) five weeks ago.  Around the same time I started PT, I ditched the crutches and walked using only my hip brace.  PT has helped me regain flexibility and strength a TON over the past month.  I haven't worn my brace at all in the last four weeks, not even to leave the house.  I am very pleased with the recovery process so far. 

My second surgery is scheduled for September 17th, the day after Jo's third birthday, and  I really am looking forward to it because my left hip has gotten a lot more painful in the last few weeks.  I actually rely on my right hip a lot now because I'm trying to prevent the pain in my left. 

When I came back to work last week (about 6 weeks post-op), I became fatigued very quickly from all the extra walking I had to do.  It takes approximately three minutes to get to my desk from my car in addition to 19 stairs to climb.  Sounds insignficant but my endurance took a major hit after this surgery.  So the first couple of days were rough and I was so glad to get to PT on Tuesday to get my "fix". 

The exercises that I do at PT test my endurance every time.  I always end up sweating and tired as if I was really hitting the gym hard.  But I really have noticed a difference in how much I can do and my PT, Curt, has added more exercises for me as I've gotten stronger. 

Another thing that has helped a lot is the stretching he does for my hip as well as the muscles all down the back of my leg (hamstring and calf).  The stretching is really intense, even now, so I just try to take deep breaths while he is doing it because I know it's going to help me in the long run.

These days, I go in to PT twice per week (down from three times) and they give me heat for 10-15 minutes, then I do my exercises pretty much on my own, and then at some point, he stretches me, then I ice for 10-15 minutes.  I like doing the exercises on my own because it's at my own pace and I don't have to wait around for my next assignment if Curt is busy.

However, I found out on Tuesday, that Curt doesn't work there anymore.  I was totally bummed, to say the least, and I'm hoping that when I go in today, I'll be able to work with one of the other PTs that I've gotten to know a little bit.    I wouldn't care so much if I didn't have to start this whole process over again in a few weeks.  The only actual PT (the others are assistants) that is there right now is a woman that I don't particularly want to work with. 

Good thing I have some time to get used to the idea because I don't think I have a choice unless they hire someone else by then. 

Overall, I am just very thankful to be healing so quickly so I can get back to my life and family.  It has gone much better than I anticipated, so I am just praying this second surgery goes just as well.

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