Thursday, December 12, 2013

Annual Trip(s) to the Pumpkin Farm

Every fall, we, like most people, go to the pumpkin farm once or twice.  Our family only participates in the "free" portions of the farm, but this year, our church was putting together an outing and I figured I would bring some cash in case the boys wanted to ride the train with some friends or do the corn maze.  But, once again, they had so much fun playing on/in the bales of hay and all the play structures this farm has, we ended up leaving without having purchased any tickets to anything.  We did let them pick out a small toy in the gift shop, though.  They picked out these soft plastic animals that you squeeze to make the eyes pop out. 

It was a great day overall, though I could've done without the bee infestation that day.  They were just everywhere and tomboy might I be, I HATE bugs and especially bees.  So, I was running and making a fuss like a big baby.  And I may or may not have swung my 17 month old in circles trying to get her away from the ever-persistent bee trying to attack her. 

Our family also went on the first weekend of the season (the last weekend of September).  It was still very nice outside then, as you can tell by the summer wear my kids are sporting.

Photos from the first visit:

Hubs trying to coax Josiah down the "hot" slide - what a problem
to have in late September!
 These pictures were Jo's idea.  Benji was in time out at the time, so he is missing.  They just do NOT get how picture-taking works.  You're supposed to sit, posed perfectly, with that million-dollar smile until mom has taken that Facebook-worthy shot, dontchaknow!

Man, she's cute!

Biggest brother going down the slide with Calah

Hubs looks like a security guard here - He's keeping this fire truck secure!!

A smile - way less intimidating :)

These are the photos we took during the second visit, about two weeks later:

We spent almost an hour at the hay bales - they were climbing up and jumping off, over and over.  Who knew straw could be so entertaining?

This was funny because he was just tall enough to see
over this section, so all you could see was his head.

Jo, in action

Petting Zoo Section

This farm has a small area with farm animals to visit and pet/feed.  Calah was obsessed with the chickens this time, for some reason.  She kept trying to pet them, but thankfully they wouldn't come near her!

Annual shot by the animal board - I should put
all of them together to see the progression

Photos by the pumpkins, Take 2:

This time, we were able to get all three kids in the shot and actually got a couple of cute ones, so I was tres happy.

This look is classic Jo! WhachutalkinboutWillis??

This is a fun thing that my phone does when I take several pictures close together

I'm always sad when summer is over but the anticipation of going to the pumpkin farm always quells some of the fall blues.  We always have a good time and it's free/cheap!

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