Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Snapshot of My Daily Life

Many nights through the week, I am home with the kids by myself because Hubs is working.  Friday night was one of those nights and it had been particularly exhausting.  And then it got even  better...Because after dinner time, I noticed the bathroom door was closed but I knew nobody was in there, so I went to open the door and found it was locked.  We have (had?) a special key for it somewhere but haven't seen it in years.  I kinda freaked out because I don't know how to pick a lock and it's our only bathroom and I was just envisioning how "creative" we might have to get if I couldn't get the door opened.

After a few hundred deep breaths, I decided to just take the doorknob off and open the door.  But then I realized I wasn't sure what to do after I got the knob off, so I called Hubs at work and was trying to explain and describe all the little parts inside and miraculously, he figured out what I was trying to tell him.  I was afraid that if I let the inner door knob fall into the bathroom, that I wouldn't be able to get the latch out of the hole where there used to be a door knob, So after a few minutes of trying, I finally found a tool that helped turn the rod so I could open the door.  I let out a huge sigh of relief and let Hubs get back to work.

I tried to then get the knob back on and in tact, to no avail, so I put all the parts on the top of my bed's headboard for Hubs to put it back together when he got home.  About ten minutes later, I brought Benji and Calah into the bathroom to get them in the shower.  While I was getting Calah into the shower, I hear the sound of the door shutting and I turn around to see my son realizing his mistake of closing the door with only a latch and no knob.  Now I had something ELSE to freak out about.  The three of us were locked in the bathroom!! No cell phone, no tools.  No way out.

Our only hope was a four year old that doesn't take direction very well and gets frustrated easily when he can't do something.  So after I calmed down, I peeked through the hole and called Jo over to the door.  I said, "Jo, I need you to go to my room..."  He walks away - to go to my room... I start laughing.  "No, Jo come back!" He comes back.  "Jo, I need you to go to my room..."  He gives me a mischievous smile and walks away again.  I am dying laughing at this point.  "Jo, please come back!"  So, he comes back and I tell him, "Jo, not yet, but in a minute when I'm done telling you everything...I need you to go to my room, climb up on my bed and look on the top of the headboard where my bank is, there is a doorknob with a big stick on it.  Please go get that and bring it here."  Surprisingly, he found it right away and brought it to the bathroom.  And he even stuck the rod into the hole in the very particular way it needed to be and saved us from the bathroom lockout caper of 2014!

I was thoroughly surprised and impressed that he could follow all of those steps and gave him the biggest squeeze of his life when I got out of that bathroom!  This type of stuff could fill pages upon pages in a book about my life story.  I love how God can use the people that we deem unable and unworthy to do big things and this whole thing was a great reminder of that.

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