Thursday, March 31, 2016

Goals - End of 1st Qtr Update

Time for a GOALS update!

So, my first goal for 2016 is....Start a small business.   Do much more reading and research on the subject.  Test out some ideas on friends and family.  Drive down to a more specific niche and market.  Meet set financial goals for business. 3/31 Update: I've registered my business and started work on my website and materials, so I need to finish these so I can launch.  I'm so excited to share more with you guys soon!

Second goal....Read two non-fiction books per month, one of which should be either a biography or about a time in history.  This is not an ambitious goal for most of you, but I need to start somewhere.  I don't tend to make reading a priority, mostly because of the normally-crazy pace that we keep with careers and running after three kids.  I feel this goal is attainable and I don't want to set a crazy high bar for myself that I know I won't meet. 3/31 Update:  I haven't read any biographies at all but have read a couple more personal development books in relation to my business.  I don't see me having the time to stay faithful to this goal at this point, but I will try to make a list and start working on it.

Third goal...Pay off last debt in Baby Step 2, our minivan.  We have been on this journey of paying off our debt since 2009, way longer than I thought it would be, but we have made a lot of progress with varying incomes over the years and this is our last one finally! 3/31 Update: This is still a work in progress and will probably be for a while.

Fourth goal...Spiritual growth in discipline.  This one is not as measurable, obviously, but I have been praying over and working on my discipline for the past few months.  More specifically, with food choices and money spent on bad food choices.  Mostly fast food and eating out with my family.  Since I have been at home for the past three weeks, I have had a few temptations of impulse but have not given in!! That alone is a victory in itself.  Because I know that we won't be going out to eat much this year, I've allowed myself to buy treats at the grocery store that I never bought before.  I feel like it's still a better option to buy some less-than-superfood food from the store in lieu of fast food any day.  3/31 Update: This one has actually seen some progress.  Hubs and I are following a new food lifestyle that has helped with my temptations but recently we have allowed ourselves to eat out more than I would really like to admit.  Starting in April, we're getting back on track.  But, the LORD has identified some more specific growth areas to delve into and has blessed me with many opportunities to rest in His truth and see some improvement.

As we start the 2nd quarter of the year, is it time for you to review and re-evaluate your goals?

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