Friday, January 18, 2013

Weekends & Fingerpaints

Weekends are so nice.  They're mini-vacations from the chaos of the work week.  This weekend, we all went to the Gathering to welcome our friend back into her home after 4-1/2 years. The boys had a lot of fun and I worked on my latest crochet project while socializing.  I got it done Saturday night, so I'll be posting a picture a little later today.  Saturday, we hung out at home in the morning and then Hubs & I had rehearsal for the alumni choir, so we took all three kids to my mom's house. FIRST TIME EVER.  After rehearsal, Hubs and I walked around downtown Naperville a little bit and ate at Lou Malnati's, one of our favorite pizza joints. The NFL playoffs were on in the restaurant and we got to watch about half of the Ravens v. Broncos game (Ravens won, BTW).  We had a nice time at dinner talking without interruption. Such a rarity with three children under the age of five.

Calah did well with my mom for a long time and then toward the end, she just wanted to be held.  That girl was tired! I think things went well overall and I'm hoping mom is up for watching them during volleyball which is starting in six weeks.  I'm starting a Couch to 5K program this week, so I need to figure out how to squeeze in three runs each week. I'm going to the gym M-W-F but I was hoping to swim on Wednesdays.  I may have to put that dream on hold until I get through the program.  The JJC 5K Walk/Run is on May 4th, so I have about 15 weeks to get in shape for that.  My best time in 2011 was 41 mins, coincidentally this was also the JJC Walk.  My goal for this race is 35 mins.  I think I should be able to do it but I want to make sure I work up to it so I don't injure myself.  The Leah's Front Line walk should be in May also, I believe. And I know it's fairly simple to find other races to sign up for in order to stay in shape.  My biggest target (quite literally, ha ha) is my belly fat.  Three c-sections in four years wreaks havoc on abdominal muscles!

The boys got to spend some time finger painting this weekend, too, which is always a good time.  I love how easily the paints cleans up, too!

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