Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Grief yields relief

Relief is so, well, relieving.  In our case, though, it came as a result of a bad situation.  We lost Greg's dad two months and two days ago.  It was a punch in the face because of how sudden it was.  But, we received the biggest blessing out of it.  He named his wife and children as beneficiaries on his life insurance policy through the federal government.  We will be able to keep our house longer, pay off most of our debt, and upgrade one of the cars when the purple van dies.  The burden has been lifted off of my shoulders.  Two years into the valley process, we are starting to see the sun again. God has been with us this whole time and has blessed us with great family and friends and provided jobs when we really, desperately needed them.  Our kids have been able to stay at home with Hubs and are THRIVING! Thank you Lord for keeping our eyes on You through the past two years of frustration and desperation.  You have never wavered; You were never anxious.  You already knew the plans (Jer 29:11) for our family.

I think that it hasn't quite sunk in all the way yet just how big a deal this all is.  I felt like this would never happen for so long.  And yet, I feel a twinge of guilt because we'd much rather have Greg's dad back on this earth if we had to choose. If we could choose.

Thank you Lord for the love that You continue to show us every day.  We love You and serve You, albeit imperfectly. You are our protective Father and Healer.

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