Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2013 Goals Update - 1st Quarter

I figured it was time for a goals update - especially since I don't even remember all the goals we wrote out at the end of 2012!  Wow, I've really been focused on them, huh?


1. Get Hubs to 70% of budget - Not much progress on this, but some prospects to help are coming our way.
2. Pay off credit card and NE - Ggy - Paid off the credit card in February and NE - Ggy will be in 2014 after we save up Baby Step 3 and for our Vow Renewal ceremony.  I know it's a little backwards, but with unpredictable income, I'd rather have the money in savings.  The student loans can always be put on deferral if necessary.
3. Lose the last 15 pounds and maintain. Workout twice per week.  I have actually gained 5 pounds over the last couple of months so I will have to lose the last 20 by summer now.  I had to cancel the gym membership, so I won't be working out at the gym but we do have volleyball on Monday nights and then volleyball practice on Thursday nights (if we choose).  Once it gets warmer outside, we'll take walks as much as possible.
4. Meal-plan for the month ahead of time. We have been doing this since January.
5. Get the house short sold and move to a bigger place to rent.  Thankfully, we were able to catch up on the house and are staying there until the market comes up.
6. Live simpler. Purge items, organize. Work on one room at a time. We have been doing major purging and reorganizing starting with the kids' clothes and the dining room/playroom.  We'll be working on this project for several months probably.
7. Build family emergency kits by 2/1/13.  Have not even thought about this in the last month and a half.

About half and half.  We're doing a lot of work and I feel like we're making good progress for the time that we've had free lately.

More updates to come!

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