Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spel Chek Mutch?

Today, my post will be a short-ish rant about the erosion of writing ability in this country.  You see it everywhere these days.  STFD, LMBO, how R U?, and so on.  Text language is taking over, especially in the generations that encompass those 25 and under.  Over the weekend, I was talking to a friend of mine who is a grade school teacher and she said they are not teaching grammar in school anymore.  What?!  How will our future learn how to properly structure a sentence?  Are we going to start seeing prepositions at the end of sentences, the improper uses of they're, there, and their, and very obviously-negligent proofreading?  I don't think it's a reach to say that we're already their they're there. 

Whether you are in school or the workplace, grammar and spelling are crucial!  Professors are going to make your papers bleed with red ink from correcting all your mistakes.  Companies are not going to want to hire you when you can hardly put together a coherent sentence.  They want people with 'Excellent written and verbal communication' - look at almost any job post online and you will find that requirement in the list.

It's bad enough to see misspellings and bad grammar in my casual email and text conversations;  But this post was inspired by catching these things in articles published on websites like CNN and professional bloggers, too!  Your credibility really suffers when these mistakes are made.  How am I supposed to focus on the conflict in North Korea when the writer has completely left out a word and used 'do' instead of 'so'??

To everyone out there writing for business or pleasure, please, do us all a favor;  take five minutes to read what you write before you publish it on the 'inter-web' for everyone to see for all eternity.  Don't be lazy.  It's not cute. I'm all for making up words and providing some comic relief in my communication, but we all need to have a foundation of solid writing skills that will allow us to reach our potential and not detract from whatever message we are trying to present.  I'm certainly not perfect at spelling or grammar but we can all put in the effort to sharpen our skills.  I think it would benefit us all greatly in the long run.


CUL8R pCe Homie!

Very Respectfully but thunderstruck-edly yours.

I am going to take my own advice and proofread my post but please feel free to point out anything I've missed so I can learn :)

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