Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spur of the moment wackiness

This is my oldest son, Benji.  No, he wasn't hopped up on sugar.  That's just his normal, silly nature.  He saw that I had my camera out and started posing and dancing and pretend karate-chopping.  I love bragging on him because he is one of the sweetest boys I know.  He loves and respects us as parents; he takes great care of his younger siblings, and he is very smart.  And silly.  I loved these pictures because it just goes to show how simple it is to have fun with my kids.  There was nothing fancy about this.  No scheduling, no "we'll do it after I...".  Just impromptu silliness.  And we just laughed, which is contagious, so then he would laugh and get even goofier.  Great memories to look back on are often those that are in between all the obligations and running-from-here-to-there we do.

Thanks for the reminder, Benj.

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