Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Fun & Silliness

I feel like the vast majority of my posts are about our family's silliness.  But that's what we are.  Completely silly.  The boys have their own senses of humor and Calah can crack us up with her facial expressions and she is very keyed in to our reactions and they usually make her do it over and over again.  I was looking through my photos and found quite a few goofy shots from the past couple weeks.

On the way to see 'Epic' on Father's Day

Jo and Calah reaching across the aisle to hold hands
(now if we could only get Congress to do the same)

My phone creates these photo vignettes when I take several within a few seconds of each other, so they're a bit blurry but cute

A Walk in the Park

Jo can't use the pedals yet, so he went the entire 1/2 mile loop with his toes on the ground.  He wouldn't have it any other way (Note the determined look on his face)

Lunch at the park
The fam came to meet me at the park where I normally walk at lunch time.  I usually do 1-1-1/2 miles but it was hot and it took a lot longer than normal to get around the first 1/2 mile because Benji was riding his bike and we had to push the stroller, so we sat down and let the kids play at the park while I ate lunch and chatted with Hubs.

The nice thing about Tupperware is that it can double as a hat on a hot day

Skating and Arcade Games at Family Fun Zone 
Last week, after church, we went to Family Fun Zone to let the boys skate and have some pizza.  They were offering $1 skating wristbands and free pizza for all who purchased a wristband.  So, we bought four wristbands and one skate rental for a total of $7.  Plus we had a lot of tokens left from Benji's birthday party, so we got to play some games for a while, too.

Hanging out at home


Wildlife and the Zoo

I saw this tortoise just outside the door at work on Friday afternoon.  It was really pretty and docile.  It never moved while I was taking my unauthorized photo shoot.

Benji brought his leap pad to take some photos at the zoo but forgot about it after about the fourth animal

Benji and my cousins' kids and my cousin's friend's son sitting on the walrus statue

After we took this picture, I realized that Jo was standing behind the walrus with his "Jo face" on - he didn't want to be in the picture, so I guess he was hiding.

Baby Austin - 8 mos. old (Cousin's youngest)

Calah, Benji, and my cousin Holly looking at the fish

This is in the rowboat where we always try (unsuccessfully) to get a nice picture of the kids

This is from 2009 when Benji and Dillon were the only great grandkids (we now have 7!)

This is from 2011 after adding two more kids:

Oh, Josiah.  Life has always been rough hasn't it?

This year was a lot better - just a little darker:

We had a lot of fun at the zoo but it was a LOT of work chasing all the kids around all day.  Totally worth the memories, though.

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