Thursday, December 26, 2013

Goal Commitments for 2014

Over the weekend, we spent a lot of family time at The Wilderness resort in Wisconsin Dells.  It was a blast and we are spent! I'm so thankful for a job where I get time off at Christmas.  This year, I'm home with my family for two whole weeks.  I'm so looking forward to no alarms the next two weeks, except for Sunday anyway.  While we were there, Hubs and I set aside a few minutes to discuss our goals for 2014 and I'd like to share them with you for inspiration and also accountability!

1. Finish up Baby Step 2 by the end of the year
At this point, we have my 2013 medical bills (thank you FAI surgeries!), Hubs' student loan, and my student loan left.  Current Expected Completion: December

2. Organize garage 
We need to clean it out once again and set up stations with more buckets.  We already have heavy duty shelves all around the garage but we're not using them efficiently.  Need to "pinterest" (c'mon, 10 years ago, Google wasn't a verb either...) some ideas.

3. Career movement
Hubs is looking for a full-time job that will allow for more family time and we are praying for the opportunity of full-time ministry for him.  I would love to start working in the paralegal field.  I completed my certification in May and then had surgery, so that had to be put on hold for the moment.  My first, concrete, short-term goal is to get involved with the IPA in my area for networking and learning opportunities.  

4. Read one book per month
I need to create a list of the books I want to read this year but I'm sure I can easily come up with 12.  Some fiction, some career, some christian living/family books.

So, that's it.  We re-joined the gym today and plan to get there as much as possible, but I don't want to box myself into a fitness goal because I will just fail at it and get discouraged, though fitness and better-eating is a large part of our ongoing plan/lifestyle. 

In December, we cut our eating out by about 65% and it really didn't feel all that painful, so I'd like to keep on that trend for 2014.  Planning our meals for the month and being intentional about our schedule will help quite a bit, but eating at home is part of our healthy lifestyle, too, and will certainly help with our financial goals. 

Do you guys have any plans/goals for 2014? 

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