Sunday, January 5, 2014

Reading List and Empty Shelf Challenge

Last year, I embarked upon a new hobby that really picked up steam in the beginning of the year, but came to a halt once I was taking my Paralegal Certification Course @ JJC in April.  That new hobby?  Reading! Such a novel idea (pun intended) - well, it was for me, anyway.  Raising three children who, at the time, were all pre-school aged (5, 2, infant), does not typically make for a mama with tons of energy to do "extra" things just for me.

Every time I sit down to read a book, my energy runs out in the first five minutes.  Honestly, if I ever develop insomnia, I'm pulling out One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  Scintillating as Dr. Seuss is with his whacky characters and ever-rhyming prose, I basically just pass out soon after opening a book.  My theory is that my body takes advantage of me actually sitting for the first time in the day, and just zonks me out!

But, over the past two years, I have done a lot of soul-searching and reading became a large part of that process.  So, in 2014, I want to make a book list from books that I already own but have yet to read.  Easy enough for me!

I love a mix of fiction and non-fiction, business, finance, and Christian living.  A couple years ago, I bought John Grisham's first several novels and have read five of them so far.  I'd like to read the rest of them this year.

Jon Acuff issued the Empty Shelf Challenge on his blog at at the end of the year.  So, I'm jumping on board and plan to read at least one book per month this year.

My Empty Shelf:

Note: In this photo, there are technically two empty shelves, but I have since filled the bottom one with a games basket and a stack of books, so that one doesn't count.

My List (So Far)

  1. John Grisham
    1. The Partner
    2. The Runaway Jury
    3. The Brethren
    4. A Painted House
    5. The Street Lawyer
    6. Skipping Christmas (the book on which The Santa Clause is based)
    7. The Testament
  2. 10 Lessons to Transform Your Marriage - Gottman, Gottman, and DeClaire
  3. The Ice Cream Maker - Chowdhury
  4. Date Night in a Minivan - Caker
  5. Be Angry, But don't Blow It: Maintaining Your Passion Without Losing Your Cool - Bevere
  6. Little Women - The Classic, but I have never read it!

In 2013, I read (from memory, so I may miss a few) and LOVED:

Entreleadership - Dave Ramsey
Quitter - Jon Acuff
Stuff Christians Like - Jon Acuff
Gazelles, Baby Steps, and 37 Other Things Dave Ramsey Taught Me About Debt -  Jon Acuff
Start - Jon Acuff
The Wrong Man - David Ellis
The Hidden Man - David Ellis
The Last Alibi - David Ellis
Breach of Trust - David Ellis
Choosing to See - Mary Beth Chapman
Creative Correction (again!) - Lisa Whelchel

In 2013, I also did a ton of blog reading.   Here are some of my faves:

I also need more ideas for books to read once I complete my list.  Can you help a sister out??

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  1. I'm reading one of the free Beth Moore Kindle books right now. "When Godly People Do Ungodly Things". I'm not doing the empty shelf challenge, per se, but 2013 was not a good reading year for me, and I am going to do better in 2014! Thanks for this post!


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