Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Family Birthdays!

Back in September, we celebrated our second child's third birthday.  We had a Batman-themed party in the park with some friends and family.  We have a lot of friends with kids his age and most of them have been in our small group over the last year, so it was great to share Jo's special day with them.  Jo is very much an introvert and will literally stand in a crowded room looking at his shoes the entire time and never talk to a soul.  But, when he sees his friends, he usually opens up after a few minutes and has a blast!

This party was no exception.  As soon as his friends arrived, they all ran down to the jungle gym that was about 100' away from our pavilion.  He felt at home with them and it made my heart so glad.  I have to say this was probably the best party we've done in the sense that I didn't feel a lot of pressure to keep things going and I had a lot of time to chat with everyone individually.  To me, that's the whole point of having a birthday party, to enjoy the company of your guests.  So, it was definitely fulfilling and the kids had a lot of fun.

PICTURES TO FOLLOW once I get them off my camera!

A couple weeks later was Hubs' 29th birthday and since I was off work due to FAI surgery, we were able to go out for lunch and spend the day together.  We went to Home Run Inn in Bolingbrook for the pizza buffet.  We had a good lunch and then went to Target (my second home lately) for a couple things.   

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